What is StoryKasa?

StoryKasa is not just any storytelling platform, it's a captivating audio adventure waiting to unfold!

With the StoryKasa platform, families and schools can embark on a thrilling journey, creating and immersing themselves in stories from around the world. No matter the language or device, StoryKasa has got you covered!

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    Discover the magic of storytelling through our library of audio stories.

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    Join our community of storytellers and create a legacy from your own stories.

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    Listen to stories from around the world and create stories for good.

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Our Commitment to Stories for Good

We are committed to using stories to support underserved populations and communities in need. Extensive evidence shows that early exposure to words and spoken language significantly enhances literacy skills, which are crucial for success in life. StoryKasa takes an innovative approach by providing free audio stories on a large scale, reaching and serving more people while bridging the "word gap."

Our goal is to promote literacy and language development, ignite imagination, and enhance academic achievement and lifelong opportunities. By allowing family members, friends, and teachers to record and share stories, we also foster social connectedness, empathy, and well-being across generations and cultures.

The StoryKasa Name

Kasa has many meanings that capture our vision for the storytelling platform. Kasa means "to speak or talk" in Twi, which is a widely used language in Ghana. It also means "umbrella" in Japanese. And, when spelled as casa it means "home" in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. So, for us, the meaning of StoryKasa is something like "a home or umbrella for spoken stories."

Our Values

Empathy and Respect

Listen to users with empathy and respect.


Build to create better access for people worldwide.

Continuous Improvement

Keep learning and improving what we do.

Open Sharing

Share and adapt content freely and with attribution.

Purpose Driven

Prioritize purpose and integrity over profit.

Adventurous Spirit

Be adventurous, celebrate change, and have fun.

Inclusivity and Equity

Be just, equitable, antiracist, and inclusive.

Environmental Stewardship

Embrace regenerative practices to protect the planet.


Be humble

Our Team


Rena has worked as a lawyer, a behavioral data scientist, an innovator in mobile health, and an evaluator in education. She is also a social entrepreneur and is passionate about using technology to empower communities and accelerate positive impact. StoryKasa has launched a free audio storytelling platform for children and families and also offers a premium version of its product to individuals, schools, and other organizations for a small fee.

Rena has a BA in International Relations from Pomona College, a JD from USC Gould School of Law, an MA in Experimental Psychology from UC San Diego, and an Executive MSc in Social Business & Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics.

Felipe is a software engineer, specializing in developing and building innovative software solutions from the ground up. His career has spanned various roles, including a key position at a leading tech company in the fitness industry in Amsterdam, where he played a vital role in serving over 3 million users. He has also been instrumental in the technological growth of a major digital real estate agency in Brazil.

Felipe is passionate about using technology to create effective and impactful solutions. At StoryKasa, he applies his extensive experience in software engineering to enhance and innovate the platform's offerings.